Not too far from you and me… is a real world where tens-of-thousands of real people live with little or no access to healthcare. A world where a simple cut, with no treatment, can lead to serious infection, amputation or death.

Total Health provides high-quality and consistent medical care to these beautiful people who have NEVER had it before, in the severe poverty of Central America.  We establish health clinics and the support needed to provide the emotional and physical care they need. We do this so that we might not only tell them about, but also show them the unmatched love of Jesus, which all of us need.

You impact Real People.

Genesis was 4-months old when her mother brought her to one of our clinics in desperation. She was gasping for air – asthma. Her family was understandably scared. Because of our support back in the U.S., we were equipped with a nebulizer and the proper medication. Genesis was a new baby girl the very next day. She and her family live a difficult life — 8 of them living in a one room house, 5 children and one nephew. Dad is a watchman, while mom sells water on the streets. Through little Genesis, we met a family looking for hope. And we were able to give them a hope not only for physical well-being, but a hope for all eternity.


Humberto had lived 70-years of a very hard life when we met him, deathly ill. His life of intense poverty and hard labor had him angry at the world & God. But his daughter had found Jesus and begged her daddy to find Him too. Through our care and heart medicine, he rebounded and lived several more years. Each time he visited for his medicine… Eva, who’s on site every day, told him about the true love of Jesus.  And after years of care, Humberto whispered to her, “Today, I make the decision for Jesus. “ We’ll never forget his daughter sobbing & sobbing as she told us, “Thank you. I know I’ll see him again someday.”

Total Health. Caring for the Whole Person.


We do everything with the heart in mind.  Emotional care and sharing spiritual truths are at the core of our interactions with each patient.


We provide medical care and housing that radically changes lives – because Jesus cared about the basic, daily life of all people.


We tell people about the love of Jesus and their worth — Working to change the mindset of the people we serve, to effectively break the cycle of poverty.


Fernando was 5-years old when we met the beautiful little boy – but unfortunately, he had only days to live. His stomach had grown huge, full of enormous tumors that was almost certainly lymphoma. He was so hungry – but couldn’t eat. The food would get stuck in his swollen abdomen, making him sick. While there was nothing we could do to heal little Fernando, we were able to make his last days more comfortable… with appropriate pain medication, daily food and care. His family was so thankful we could improve Fernando’s final days. We are thankful that we’ll see precious Fernando again, in heaven.


Elmer and his family are jungle farmers. It’s intense, difficult, and dangerous work up in the mountains of Honduras. At age 21, seizures were stealing his life… he would have seizures almost every day. Every once in a while, we’ll take supplies and a team and head up into the mountains to see patients remotely. It was there we met Elmer. His seizures were manageable… he just didn’t know it. Today, every 3-months, Elmer takes a whole day to hike 7-8 hours from his jungle home to our clinic for his medicine. He now lives almost seizure free. Simple medical care he didn’t know possible — allowing Elmer to live life normally.


$35,000 will fund a clinic for a year. (Doctor. Staff. All medicines.)

$7 will cover a doctor visit and all medication for one person

89% of all donated funds go towards those served

Change a life today.

Do something yourself.  You won’t believe how far a little money will go.