Foreign Mission Vision


Total Health is a Christian based organization that is designed to deliver health care to impoverished people in partnership with churches in the third world. We provide medical care free of charge to all people who have need regardless of their race, religion, ethnicity, etc. We have partnered with Iglesia Gran Comision in Latin America to help staff, supply, and run medical clinics. The churches in Latin America are very effective in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with the local people. They have used their clinic to both care for the needs of the poor and to advance the gospel, but they do not have the personnel or resources to run the clinic effectively. Total Health was created to manage the medical care at the clinics so the outreach through the clinic could continue. Every patient who is seen at the clinic is presented with the gospel and has an opportunity to accept Christ as their savior. Care and medicines are given to all patients equally regardless of their decision, but each patient is presented with an opportunity to respond to the gospel. Patients are presented the gospel after seeing the doctor but before they are allowed to pick up their medications. Medical personnel from Total Health who are Christians are encouraged to share their faith, but the local church ensures the presentation of the gospel. We do not require all medical personnel to be Christians. In fact, we hope this experience will allow non-believers who work for us to realize God’s love for us and come to accept him. By partnering with the local church we are assured that all patients hear an effective presentation of the gospel on a consistent basis. By focusing on medical care, we are able to provide an effective medical service on a consistent basis that the local church cannot do. Thus, our charter does not state that we are a missionary organization. We are a medical organization, but our work is done in partnership with missionary organizations and allows them to effectively spread the gospel. We do not do any medical care outside of this type of partnership.