Policy: Role and Supervision of Medical Students

  1. Each medical student must be enrolled and in good standing in an accredited medical school. The TotalHealth Board of Directors may require documentation of the above.
  2. Each medical student must conduct himself/herself in the highest professional and ethical manner at all times.
  3. Medical students will be supervised by a licensed physician. Any questions regarding diagnoses or plan of treatment should be discussed with the on-site supervising physician.
  4. The level of responsibility accorded to each medical student will be determined by the on-site supervising physician.
  5. Each medical student will use and expand the existing charting system set up by TotalHealth to insure appropriate documentation and continuity of care.
  6. Each supervising physician must participate fully in the evaluation of medical students and in a timely fashion. Medical student evaluations will be forwarded to the on-site supervising physician for completion at the end of the medical student’s time of service.
  7. Each medical student will communicate any problems or difficulties while working in the clinic directly to the TotalHealth Board of Directors.

Approved: 2/5/05

Jay Martin, MD President, TotalHealth