Statement of Ethics


Integrity: Total Health personnel will make every effort to demonstrate the courage of their convictions and do what is right. Doing what is right is of the highest priority. It transcends current circumstances, natural inclinations and personal knowledge.

Excellence: Total Health is committed to excellence. For the organization to strive for excellence, the people of Total Health need to do likewise. Excellence is the result of high character merging with high competence. We must be willing to communicate honestly, inviting and positively receiving the encouragement, criticism, counsel and wisdom of others to achieve our goal.

Serving Others: Total Health is committed to the service of others both internal and external. This requires us to be truly compassionate and consider others before ourselves. We must demonstrate humility, admit errors, seek reconciliation, and make every effort to foster relationships of mutual respect among ourselves, with our suppliers and with our customers.

Knowledge: Total Health personnel have a desire to continuously learn and be challenged. We will foster an environment of patient, nurturing/teaching relationships to advance the experience and knowledge of those around us.