We Partner with a Local Church

We look for a community that already desperately wants to fill this need, but can’t – because when the community is already behind the idea of a clinic, it’s well received and sustained by the people.  That’s important to us, so we partner with a local church to help them accomplish their goal.

Clinics are Locally Staffed

We build, we train, we hire.  But we make it a point to enable local doctors, receptionists, and evangelists.  So when we staff a clinic in El Salvador, we hire a doctor from El Salvador.  We believe this funds not only health care, but strengthens the community and local economy.

Support and Trips

U.S. Total Health staff return to our clinics regularly, as do mission trips from our partnering churches.  While we hire local staff, there is always a need for more support.  And our friends in Central America love meeting and working alongside the people who made their dream possible.

We Stand for Healthy People

Total Health is a U.S. based organization that is committed to providing high quality, consistent and reliable medical care to people who have never had it before in Latin America.  Through disease prevention and early treatment we can dramatically change the health of the people we serve. We seek, hire, and fund the salaries of doctors and other key clinic positions… as well as supplying the medications and high-level equipment needed to fully and consistently care for the community.  We also then organize and send medical teams from the US to help provide this care.

Access to health care in Central America is limited at best and at times simply does not exist. The government run health care system simply does not have the resources to care for the great need that exists there today… leaving many of the poorest people in the world to ever increasing risk of serious illness, eliminating their ability to care for themselves and their families.

We Stand for Combating Poverty

Poverty in our mind isn’t just material poverty.  It’s also emotional poverty, spiritual poverty and poverty of opportunity. By partnering closely with churches, we provide vital spiritual and emotional care, as well as provide jobs and instill the pride and responsibility of caring for your own community.  We believe that confronting poverty on all fronts will produce better lives for the many thousands of people we serve.

We Stand for Jesus

Because poverty and medical needs are so great in these communities, we have found that when we become a part of helping to solve those needs, it opens beautiful doors.  It allows us to create real relationships with these communities, which allows us to do what we most want to do… and that’s to tell them about the true hope found only in Jesus.

While what we’re offering to these communities might seem so minimal to us here in the U.S., to these communities, it’s often a chance at a completely different life.  And that same essence is so true of what Jesus offers us.  To some, it might seem like the most simple gift to receive… but ultimately, it’s the gift of life.

Every person who walks through our clinic doors are introduced to Jesus.

And the reality is, there’s so much more we can do.  So many more we can tell about this eternal life in Jesus.  We just need more help.

Want to do something to help?

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